EE HANDCRAFTED PRODUCTS was launched in 2018 by Emi Endo, a designer based in Berlin and Tokyo. Since 2019, it has been managed by design studio EETY.
Our backgrounds include involvement in designing and mass production at such brands as Issey Miyake and Camper. We have had some doubts about systems of production and consumption for mass products, but by taking advantage of our backgrounds, we have arrived at a method of making our products in a necessary volume at a necessary time by combining mass production technology and our handcraft work. We have started our brand by putting this method into practice.

>Doubts about the existing mass production method

>Our production method

>Our approach to materials

>Our broad range of color variations gives people wide freedom

We are managing our brand based on the philosophy explained above. However, our greatest hope is that regardless of our philosophy, our products will continue to be attractive and desired by many people.